Our Physicians

EHE's powerful approach to health care works because of the excellence of our physicians. You can expect nothing less than supportive guidance from compassionate experts, working in partnership with you to ensure you're comfortable with your care and confident about your future.

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The EHE Difference

We believe that when you approach your health in a holistic way, you live differently — and better. Understanding how each facet of your life inspires sustainable, life-changing habits can promote authentic long-term well-being.

At EHE, you'll receive a personalized action plan for feeling your best, alongside the innovative resources and support you need to succeed.

You'll enjoy year-round support from a physician-led expert medical team dedicated to optimizing how you eat, think, and move.

Our unparalleled care provides the personal attention, guidance, and compassion you need to chart a new course — for life.

Locations Nationwide

EHE's expanded reach includes hundreds of physicians at locations across the United States — in small towns and big cities, giving you consistent exceptional care.