Why Brain Training Is Important for You to Do

We need good nutrition, physical fitness, and mental exercise to improve and maintain cognitive health by increasing blood flow to the brain. We have the power to slow the mental decline that comes with aging. New brain cells are created throughout our entire lives, and mental effort further stimulates new growth. Active brain cells get access to better blood supply, more oxygen, and nutrients. In turn, new branches of brain cells develop, stimulating a hub of active, healthy, interconnecting cells.

Why is Brain Training Important?

The goal of brain training is to turn inactive brain cells into healthy, active ones. Routine habits don’t stimulate new cell activity; brain training encourages new experiences that require attentive thought instead of routine thinking patterns. Just like physical fitness, brain fitness requires targeted effort through repetition. New and stimulating experiences may occur as part of daily life, but many of us operate on autopilot more than we realize. Exercising the brain daily is central to great cognitive fitness.

Digital Tools for Brain Training

Brain training apps and games are a great way to keep your mental faculties clear and on point. Brain training encourages neuroplasticity through mental stimulation. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s dynamic ability to change and adapt, and studies show that brain training improves memory, executive function, and brain processing speed. Check out these great brain games and training tools:

Additional Brain Training Tools

Of course, you don't need an app — or a digital device, period — for brain training. Plenty of offline exercises exist, and if you make them part of your regular routine, you will keep your cognitive skills well-honed. It's all about keeping your brain engaged, active, and challenged. Think of it as you would any muscle, and do everything you can to ensure it doesn't atrophy from disuse. The key is to make sure you stay mentally active each day. Consider some of the following tools:

Aging doesn’t have to mean a sharp decline in mental fitness. Research shows that keeping your brain stimulated keeps your cognitive health strong as the years pass. Make sure your mind gets a workout with brain training, and your mental health is likelier to stay youthful.


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