Chair Yoga Poses You’ll Love to Do at the Office

Chair yoga poses allow you to reap the benefits of yoga without needing to leave your seat. It’s great for people of all ages and experience levels, including seniors, desk workers taking a stress relief session during the work day, and anyone who may have mobility limitations and cannot perform traditional yoga poses. Chair yoga is an easy way to start or maintain a regular yoga practice, leading to advantages like increased flexibility and range of motion, healthier breathing patterns, improved muscle tone, stress and anxiety reduction, and better sleep. Work the following chair yoga poses into your daily routine, and you’ll see results! Seated Chest Lift This simple pose opens your chest while stretching your back.

Seated Warrior Pose This seated version of the traditional pose stretches the sides of your torso and inner thighs.

Chair Cat-Cow Stretch This is a great stretch for increasing mobility and flexibility in the spine.

Chair Raised Hands Pose This is a simple and effective spinal stretch.

Chair Forward Bend

The Neck Opener This pose will help relieve tension and stress in your neck.

Seated Spinal Twist 

Lower Back and Hamstring Stretch

Chair yoga poses are a great routine for just about anyone. They are an easy way to slip some fitness into your day at almost any time, regardless of your ability or time constraints. If you need further instruction, you may find a good chair yoga instructor in your area.


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