Join a Charity Walk for Great Fun and Fitness

Supporting a great cause while staying fit is as easy as finding a local charity walk. Charity walks are perfect activities to do with friends, family, and colleagues. They encourage exercise and community, appealing to all ages and fitness levels. There are many great charity walk options. With a little preparation and your favorite sneakers, you’ll be ready to go.

Pick a Charity Walk

There are charity walks for countless causes, and they can be found in just about any city or state. Choose one that is particularly meaningful to you, and sign up! Here are some examples of health cause-related charity walks:

In addition to nationwide charities, local organizations frequently sponsor marathons and walks. will help you locate thousands of local walks sponsored in your area, making it a great place to start. Causes Calendar lets you search by your state and zip code, making it simple to find events in your area, and Runner’s World Race Finder can help you locate walks adjacent to upcoming runs nationwide.

Assess Your Fitness Level for Charity Walk

Walks require varying times and distances, so before signing up it’s important to consider if the event will be manageable for you at your current fitness level. Are you physically fit and experienced with walking events, or are you an inspired newbie? Once you register, you will want to keep your fitness level up, or increase it, so that you’ll be able to complete your goal. Consider the following general guidelines:

Charity Walk Training and Preparation

Give yourself plenty of time to build endurance and plan for your event. If you’re already in great shape, you will need to maintain your fitness level. If you are working your way towards a new goal, consider the time it will take to increase your strength and stamina: the longer the event, the more time you will need. Once you know how much time you will need for preparation and training, set up your schedule, and create your weekly training plan. You can track your progress in an app like Runkeeper. For additional training information, check out for tips, strategies, and advice.


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