Are You Eating for Energy?

As ambitious, hard working millennials, we don't always have time to slow down and eat right, which not only takes a toll on our physical energy, but our mental power as well. True, we may try for the healthiest options when we do take a break, although more often than not, these options tend to be more convenient than nutritious. 

Worse yet, we may skip meals entirely and, even when we do stop for nourishment, we often rush through mealtimes and spend more time catching up on work than focusing on eating right.  

This usually means reaching for the coffee, soda, or other sources of caffeine to help meet our energy demands, which is likely doing more harm than good by further depleting vitamins and minerals which are essential in maintaining our energy. 

Fortunately, EHE's YES program is a benefit provided at no cost to all KPMG employees that can not only help you improve your eating habits at work, but assist in other aspects of keeping you healthy, happy, active and productive. 

Foods for Energy

Food is the fuel which gives us energy, and when we eat high quality, nutritious foods, our energy levels go up, simple as that. And, eating for high-quality, nutritious energy is easier than you may think. 

In fact, here are some tasty and convenient foods which can help energize your day:

Foods for Brain Power

You need plenty of mental energy to perform at your productive best, which is why you should consider adding these convenient, nutritious, brain-healthy foods to your day:

Want to learn more? By signing up today for EHE's YES program, you can get more important tips on preventative health topics, as well as the opportunity to receive a comprehensive health exam from EHE and at no cost to you. Whether it is help with work/life balance, exercising to avoid poor health, nutrition or starting a family, EHE's YES program is your go-to resource. 

Feel Better.
Live Better.