Best Games to Play at the Beach This Summer

A sunny day at the beach is the perfect time to get some exercise with outdoor sports and activities. What are some of the best games to play at the beach? The following suggestions are all great ways for the whole family to have fun while staying active in the surf and the sand. Five Fun Games to Play at the Beach:

  1. Volleyball - The quintessential beach game, volleyball is perfect for groups of all sizes, ages, and ability levels. Many beaches will have nets set up already, so all you need is a ball and a crew of people ready for some friendly competition.
  2. Ladder Ball - Similar to horseshoes, Ladder Ball is easy to play and appropriate for players of all ages. It is particularly great for the beach, because it’s easy to stick the ladders into the sand and remove them when you’re done. The game is played with at least two players or teams. Each player gets 3 bolas, which are balls linked by a nylon cord. The goal is to score points by wrapping the bola around one of the ladder rungs. Kits can be purchased at your local sporting goods store or online.
  3. Bocce - This classic Italian bowling game dates back to ancient Rome, but has become even more popular in recent times as a beach game. A bocce set includes 8 large balls, and one small ball called the pallino (or “pill”), which is tossed first and serves as the target. Everyone takes turns trying to get the larger balls closest to the pallino.
  4. Sharks and Minnows - This game can be played on the beach, or in gentle, shallow waters. One player is the shark, and the others are the minnows. The shark tries to tag the minnows, and as minnows are tagged, they become part of the shark’s team, and try to tag the other minnows to gain members for the shark’s team. To make the game more challenging, try blindfolding the shark.
  5. Beach Darts - The simplest way to play beach darts is to draw concentric circles in the sand until you have what resembles a dartboard. Players then stand at a distance, throwing shells or pebbles as “darts,” trying to get as close as possible to the bull’s eye.

We understand that beach days are also for watching the waves, laying in the sand (maybe even using it to preserve memories via Dune Jewelry), and generally relaxing. But these games to play at the beach are easy, fun ways to promote family fitness. It’s important to encourage loved ones, particularly children who are forming healthy habits, to seek out exercise whenever possible. If you take advantage of the opportunities summer offers in this regard, it’s far easier to stay motivated to stay in shape once the warmer months draw to a close. These games to play at the beach are just a start. After all, the ultimate goal is to make fitness a lifestyle choice year-round!


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