How the EHE Health Exam Gives You More

EHE Health provides a different kind of exam.

The clinical visit includes evidence-based screenings and validated assessments targeted for each patient's needs. It provides unparalleled insight into overall health. It's streamlined, convenient, and still comprehensive. At the heart of the exam is an unrushed conversation with an EHE Health physician, who discusses lifestyle factors and anything else impacting health. In short, the EHE Health exam gives you more.

This preventive care does not replace primary care. It complements it. This is not a "physical" as you probably know it. Instead, an EHE Health exam evaluates physical and mental health from every angle, helping patients to improve their health, productivity, and longevity. Just what goes into an EHE Health exam? Take a look!


Get more than the standard “doctor’s visit.” 

The EHE Health exam goes far beyond a typical “physical.” It gives you personalized insight so you can take action and reach your goals. It is the only exam to offer this full range of preventive services. You receive exactly what you need based on your age, gender, and risk factors. 

  EHE Health Experience Regular Physical
Health Mentoring Unlimited Not Included
Preventive Services 100% of recommended screenings On average, just 54% of recommended screenings
Physician Consultation 30-60 minutes Avg. 17-24 minutes
Travel Medicine Complete consultation with certified staff, full inoculations None
Referral Services Full Limited
Vaccines 10 vaccines offered >50% of physicians refer adult patients elsewhere for vaccinations
Measurements for Mental Wellbeing 11 risk-based assessments provided <5% of office-based primary care physician provide depression screenings
Work-Life Balance 13-question assessment Varies by clinician
Cardiovascular Health 11 risk-based screenings offered Varies by clinician
Musculoskeletal Assessment Included Not Included
Nutritional Assessment Included Varies by clinician
Stage of Change Assessment Included Not Included



Feel Better.
Live Better.