EHE Inner Champs: Taking on Tennis!

"We're excited you've decided to connect with your Inner Champ! Playing tennis is great for cardiovascular fitness, and it's a sport you can pick up at any age. Below, we've collected some additional tips to help your progression this month. The goal is to stay healthy, stay interested, and stay active. Good luck!

Tennis Week 1

If you don't stretch properly, your tennis playing may end before it really starts. We often overestimate our flexibility, especially when we are beginning or resuming physical activity after a long period. Warm up your body and get loose with these tennis-related stretching tips from the Cleveland Clinic to ensure you're ready to play.

Tennis Week 2

Tennis, like every sport, has a major mental component. Just as stretching prepares your body for the rigors of a match, mindfulness techniques can help put you in the right head space to serve and volley your way to victory. Find time and space for a breathing exercise before you hit the court. Check out more on the benefits of meditation in sports here.

Tennis Week 3

Sign up for a local tournament as motivation to keep your tennis game going and growing! Embracing your Inner Champ is all about establishing good habits around physical activity. You don't have to be Roger Federer or Serena Williams to enjoy the benefits of healthy competition. The United States Tennis Association lists plenty of events for every age and skill level. Find one near you and take the leap!"

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