EHE Inner Champs: Triathlon Training!

We're excited you've decided to connect with your Inner Champ! Below, we've collected some additional tips to help your progression this month. The goal is to stay healthy, stay interested, and stay active. Good luck!

Week 1

You have to start somewhere! If you're looking to train for your first triathlon, the process can be daunting. The key is to take everything in manageable steps, acclimating to the physical exertion while limiting your injury risk. Running, biking, and swimming present different challenges and require different skills. Focus on getting better, slowly, at each, making sure to take rest days during the week. Check out a sample plan for beginners here, courtesy of Triathlete.

Of course, if you want to motivate yourself, you should sign up for an event! There are triathlons of different lengths and skill levels across the United States, and wherever you are, there's sure to be something fun happening this summer and fall. TriFind is a great resource to locate events.

Week 2

Mindful breathing can be a huge help as you train for a triathlon. People may not immediately associate mindfulness with physical activity, but the two are closely tied. Learn more about how to incorporate mindfulness into you training with thisĀ advice from Triathlete.

Week 3

When you have others supporting you, exercise becomes much easier. That's why it could be a good idea to find a local triathlon club to help you reach your goals. You can learn from more experienced triathletes, exercise alongside other beginners, and develop the community bonds that strengthen your commitment to training. Use TriFind to discover local clubs.

Feel Better.
Live Better.