EHE Inner Champs: Getting Started with Yoga!

"We're excited you've decided to connect with your Inner Champ! Below, we've collected some additional tips to help your progression with yoga this month. The goal is to stay healthy, stay interested, and stay active. Hopefully, this is the start of a new long-term habit. Good luck!

Week 1

There are countless yoga poses for all levels of expertise and all purposes. Yoga for beginners involves getting comfortable first. Simple, gentle poses will help you establish a foundation and get flexible. These poses offer the powerful benefits of yoga (such as improved posture, increased mental focus, greater energy, and enhanced mobility) without the expertise required of more advanced poses. You can see a great rundown of great introductory poses at Yoga Journal.

A fun way to start is to do yoga outside. Many cities offer classes in gorgeous parks, on rooftops, and amid sunny natural settings. But you can also simply practice poses in your backyard. It is the perfect way to stretch your body and get healthier when the weather is warm, and it's supported by research. See more here.

Week 2

Controlled breathing, also known as pranayama, is an integral part of yoga. Breathing techniques can be done independently over the course of the day or hand in hand with specific yoga poses. You may think breathing doesn't require instruction, but to practice pranayama correctly, definitely check out this guide.

Week 3

Yoga is not monolithic! There are many popular variations, as with many forms of exercise. After exploring basic poses, look into different options and think about what may be right for your interests. Are you interested in faster, dance-like movement? Do you want something more restorative? Are you curious about hot yoga? The possibilities are endless, but these nine types of yoga, outlined by Daily Burn, can be great next steps for beginners looking to take their practice to the next level."

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