It's time to rethink what health means to you. At EHE, we believe in the power of prevention. Our accredited physicians and expert medical team provide in-depth consultations that give you a deeper understanding of how your lifestyle habits are impacting your health, performance, and overall well-being.

  • Who is my EHE physician?

    Our physicians are board certified, and many have received accolades for their commitment to excellence in medicine. Discover more about our physicians here.

  • How is my EHE physician different than a primary care physician?

    Your EHE physician complements and enhances your primary care experience by optimizing your lifestyle habits and reducing your health risks. It's a progressive approach to health that yields deeper insight into your unique health profile and helps you establish behaviors conducive to overall well-being.

  • Will my employer see the results of my exam?

    All records from your exam are completely confidential and are never shared with your employer. You can access your medical record by logging into your EHE account or request a copy by emailing

  • Do your physicians speak other languages?

    Many of our physicians are multilingual. Please inform us of your language preference when booking your exam.

  • What happens after my exam?

    After your exam, our team works closely with you on additional care — helping you get connected with any recommended specialists. You'll also get support from our post-exam care team who'll help clarify the insights from your exam, and help you build a personalized action plan for year-round well-being through our health mentoring program.

Health Mentors

Our health mentors empower you to commit yourself to greater levels of health and well-being. They provide expertise, empathy, and motivational support as you embark upon your new well-being track. Your health mentor offers ongoing support as you create new habits and build on the success of existing ones, and helps you assess how your lifestyle choices are impacting your short and long-term health goals.

  • What kinds of health concerns can I address with mentoring?

    You can target all types of well-being goals with your health mentor. Whether your aim is weight loss, smoking cessation, better sleep, refining work-life balance, upgrading your fitness regimen, or any number of other lifestyle-oriented health modifications, your mentor will assist you every step of the way.

  • Do I have to pay for health mentoring?

    There's no additional cost for your time with a health mentor. Health mentoring is already part of your EHE benefit like the comprehensive health exam itself.

  • How is a health mentor chosen for me?

    You will get connected to a health mentor whose background and skills are aligned with your unique health profile, and specific well-being goals.

  • How often can I speak to a health mentor?

    There is no set limit for calls or correspondence within your eligible year. This partnership is intended to be personal and your mentor will collaborate with you in creating a schedule that fits your needs. You can check in with your health mentor as often as makes sense for your goals.